Summer Breeze


My first novel has been coming along painstakingly slow (years) but I’m finally near the end of my ride. Thank gawd.  Yesterday, I met with my mentor who breathed fire and had coals for his eyes.  I was expecting to dawdle along with my manuscript for a couple more months but he wasn’t having it.  The novel must be ready to submit to a professional editor at any moment now.  *a whistle blows*  I’m waiting for him to let me know where and to whom I should mail it.  This is  all great!  I don’t know why it is causing me such anxiety pains.   Meanwhile, I’m having to complete a short story and have it on his desk by Friday.  Arrrgh!  How can a fire breathing, coal eyed man expect a short story and a completed novel?  Lawd, have I not suffered enough?

In case he reads this, I can honestly say that he is the best mentor in the history of mentoring.  His name is Shaun Levin and he is also the author of several novels and the editor of Chroma Journal.  DO NOT mention his eyes of coal or you will  be burned to a crisp or offered a pastry and a cup of coffee.