Cleaning House or Finding an Agent.


Cleaning House would be easier.

My website is getting rebuilt so that the crap I have on line at the moment can be replaced.  I’m polishing the novel so I can reel in my own special agent who will take me to the height of fame or to at least selling my book in a grocery store. *polish, polish*  I hear some people have great difficulty in this task or, they get an agent that takes their manuscript and a year later – hasn’t responded to their client.  I know one guy whose agent hasn’t said two words to him for almost two years. I keep telling him that this is a sign of a bad agent.  He doesn’t know whether I’m right because this is his first agent….and since I don’t have one, what do I know?

My query and synopsis *polish, polish* will lead the way in four weeks.  I’ll outline my pain, blow by blow or my good news….blow by blow. 🙂