Delicious Divas


I entered an erotica contest sponsored by DIVA magazine and Xcite Books. They chose five winners – and I was one of them. *does happy dance* Our Kindle book, Delicious Divas – Five Erotic Lesbian Stories, is now being sold on, and 

I wrote under the name, Evan Ross, so don’t get nervous if you don’t see DF Collier. 



Final Critique


Summer Breeze completion is twisting me inside out.  I don’t know why I decided to write a novel when I was still grasping the concept of writing short stories.  Perhaps it was too much too soon and my hard head needed a few lumps.  Anyhoo, Shaun is giving it a read over and will give it back to me on April 5th.  Hopefully then I won’t have to reinvent the wheel and will just need tweaks here and there.

Until then,

I’m working on my website.  I had so many people say that my website looked like crap. 😦  I built it myself as I figured something was better than nothing.  Wrong!  According to all those complainers, nothing might have been better.  One of the complainers went one step further and did something very admirable.  She offered to help me improve my site (without charge).  yahoo!

So far, her web version is looking 3000% better and will be up in a few weeks.