Certificate in Novel Writing


I have been taking the Certificate in Novel Writing Course at City University while working on my second novel, Breeze Over London. The course has been very informative – I’ve closed some of my missing info gaps. Sadly, the course is now coming to an end. As part of the graduation process, each writer will have to read a four-minute excerpt from their novel in front of agents, family and friends. I’ve read in front of friends before, but not agents. hmmm.

Everyone will be sloshing down the free drinks served before the program starts. that is, everyone except me. I was taught  never to drink before you read – or your words will slur – even after one drink. hmmm

It looks like I’ll be the only one having a skyrocket of natural fun. *fake happy face* But seriously though, everything is fine. *faints*


My Fan Page


It had to be done.  I now have a  fan page and everyone can join.  Whoo!

Click facebook fan page to join and keep up with the progress of my baby, The Boyd Chronicles: Summer Breeze.

Many thanks for stopping by.  Cheers.

Cleaning House or Finding an Agent.


Cleaning House would be easier.

My website is getting rebuilt so that the crap I have on line at the moment can be replaced.  I’m polishing the novel so I can reel in my own special agent who will take me to the height of fame or to at least selling my book in a grocery store. *polish, polish*  I hear some people have great difficulty in this task or, they get an agent that takes their manuscript and a year later – hasn’t responded to their client.  I know one guy whose agent hasn’t said two words to him for almost two years. I keep telling him that this is a sign of a bad agent.  He doesn’t know whether I’m right because this is his first agent….and since I don’t have one, what do I know?

My query and synopsis *polish, polish* will lead the way in four weeks.  I’ll outline my pain, blow by blow or my good news….blow by blow. 🙂

Still Waiting


This reminds me of a song by Prince *hears his voice singing ‘Still waiting, waiting for your love.’

I haven’t heard from Clarion West but I’ve checked the forum where all the happy people that are going have checked in.  According to them, everyone has been notified.  Hello?  I haven’t.  Not even a rejection slip.  Am I that easily forgotten? *sings ‘Stiiiiil waaaiting, waiting for your love.’

The guidelines state if you haven’t hear from Clarion West by the 3oth, let them know.  I would have waited but all those other people who have either received an acceptance or a rejection say that everyone has been notified. *hits Prince’s high note* Does that mean I’m not part of everyone.  Does that mean I’m nobody?  Do I even exist?  *one last high note but less sexy than Prince – because nobody does it like that fine ahem…Prince*

I sent them an email: Dear Clarion West.  I do exist.  *sings ‘Papa can you hear me?’

I’m waiting for their response.


coffee spiked with Baileys drinker in need of some lurve and accepting offers, send photos first. (just joking) 🙂


The wait is over.  I made the rejection list with throngs of others.  Congratulations to the 18 that made it. Cheers.

Waiting For Clarion


I applied for the Clarion West’s 6 week  workshop and am waiting for the results.  I got rejected last year but that’s OK because compared to the greatness I sent them this year, my submission last year sucked. *shuffles feet* Well anyway, I think what I sent is pretty damn good.  If they don’t think so then they can … *sighs and changes subject*

The rare England sun is out today and I’m headed out to get a few rays on my face. The rest of me will be in a jacket, gloves and cap. I’ll have a pint or two, think about life, Clarion West , too much/too little love and my craving for collard greens and corn bread.  Oh, and writing.  Cheers.

Final Critique


Summer Breeze completion is twisting me inside out.  I don’t know why I decided to write a novel when I was still grasping the concept of writing short stories.  Perhaps it was too much too soon and my hard head needed a few lumps.  Anyhoo, Shaun is giving it a read over and will give it back to me on April 5th.  Hopefully then I won’t have to reinvent the wheel and will just need tweaks here and there.

Until then,

I’m working on my website.  I had so many people say that my website looked like crap. 😦  I built it myself as I figured something was better than nothing.  Wrong!  According to all those complainers, nothing might have been better.  One of the complainers went one step further and did something very admirable.  She offered to help me improve my site (without charge).  yahoo!

So far, her web version is looking 3000% better and will be up in a few weeks.

Bliss And Doldroms


My manuscript is with an editor who hasn’t made a peep for several weeks.  She is a friend of my mentor’s so he roped her in to take a look at my novel.  Not a peep from her.  Maybe she hates it.  Maybe it sucks to high heaven and hell.  Maybe I’m not a writer.

Since I can’t work on my novel, I’ve been pulling short stories out of my files and finishing them.  A strange thing happened on the way to actually liking a writing task.  Yes, I’ve changed from moaning and weeping at the difficulties to enjoying rewrites, critiques and having my work published.  This feeling didn’t blossom over the years.  It was a result of  finally getting something published followed by my mean mentor forcing me to write for 2 1/2 weeks until I almost died, *yes, drama*  I will write a blog on that experience so you can weep along with me. 😦

But still, there is a lingering voice in my head that creeps into my bliss and whispers, ‘Your writing sucks.’

Whatever.  Today, I shall write.