Getting Out Of My Own Way


I have a tendency to think about characters for a long time before I tell their story. I have thought about the parents of Lillian, (my future super girl), for years. I thought about how and where they grew up and the dangers surrounding their lives. They were supposed to be the minor detail that introduced my precious little wonder child. All hail the wonder child!

Today, I realized that this story is actually about the parents. Through their eyes, we will see their daughter. She will not be jettisoned in – just because I think she is the most important thing to happen to planet earth. Instead, she will arrive when they say so. It’s all about them. The next one is about her.

You may ask; how did you reach this conclusion without kicking and screaming, or at least throwing away your work?

Long story short:

It really helps when an editor sees the intent of the story. Otherwise, she may suggest improvements that will morph the story into a boring stranger, instead of the beautiful lover that I feel passionate about. It also helps when an editor can work with fragile egos. (other people’s, not mine). 🙂  Thanks, Kelley @ Sterling Editing.



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