Still Waiting


This reminds me of a song by Prince *hears his voice singing ‘Still waiting, waiting for your love.’

I haven’t heard from Clarion West but I’ve checked the forum where all the happy people that are going have checked in.  According to them, everyone has been notified.  Hello?  I haven’t.  Not even a rejection slip.  Am I that easily forgotten? *sings ‘Stiiiiil waaaiting, waiting for your love.’

The guidelines state if you haven’t hear from Clarion West by the 3oth, let them know.  I would have waited but all those other people who have either received an acceptance or a rejection say that everyone has been notified. *hits Prince’s high note* Does that mean I’m not part of everyone.  Does that mean I’m nobody?  Do I even exist?  *one last high note but less sexy than Prince – because nobody does it like that fine ahem…Prince*

I sent them an email: Dear Clarion West.  I do exist.  *sings ‘Papa can you hear me?’

I’m waiting for their response.


coffee spiked with Baileys drinker in need of some lurve and accepting offers, send photos first. (just joking) 🙂


The wait is over.  I made the rejection list with throngs of others.  Congratulations to the 18 that made it. Cheers.


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