Waiting For Clarion


I applied for the Clarion West’s 6 week  workshop and am waiting for the results.  I got rejected last year but that’s OK because compared to the greatness I sent them this year, my submission last year sucked. *shuffles feet* Well anyway, I think what I sent is pretty damn good.  If they don’t think so then they can … *sighs and changes subject*

The rare England sun is out today and I’m headed out to get a few rays on my face. The rest of me will be in a jacket, gloves and cap. I’ll have a pint or two, think about life, Clarion West , too much/too little love and my craving for collard greens and corn bread.  Oh, and writing.  Cheers.


2 thoughts on “Waiting For Clarion

  1. osomuerte

    Another person waiting for CW! Hooray! The wait this year seems worse than last year, doesn’t it? Maybe because we had so many news leaks last year. Or maybe it’s just because this wait is happening now. Good luck. -SWB


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